What is the invitation feature?

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Log in as a recruiter with your url.talentry.com address and click on the "Employees" tab on the homepage. 


The button at the top right, "Invite employees", takes you to the invitation feature where you only have to upload an excel file with all employees you want to invite. 

You can find more information here:

How to invite employees to Talentry?

What does the email of the invitation feature look like?

The invitation email contains job vacancies and employees can register on Talentry right away via the links.

All employees invited by you who have not yet been invited or registered for Talentry will receive the following invitation email. (It can take up to one hour to send the e-mail)

If your employees click on "Join now" or "View job", they will be taken directly to the Talentry registration page. 



When and why should you use the invitation feature?

We recommend using the feature if your employees have provided you with an email address to contact them during onboarding, for example, or if your employees use a business email address generated by you. If you invite all your employees to Talentry, you can also easily measure the registration rate. It also gives you an indication at which locations & in which areas, particularly many or particularly few employees, are registered and from this, you can derive possible further or more specific communication measures. 

See also how to manage registered employees.


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