Improved feedback management with comprehensive sender information

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When you launch a company-wide initiative like the Talentry Referral Program, communicating with and supporting your employees can sometimes be a challenge. How can you guide your employees to achieve the best possible user experience and acceptance? How can you provide help and answers to questions? How do you collect immediate feedback for improvements?

The Talentry Help & Feedback Button

With the Talentry Help & Feedback button, registered users can reach an internal contact person of your choice. This feature allows you to provide first level support for your Talentry users, receive feedback from them and respond to requests for help.

Feedback Management: Optimized for companies with different locations

We have improved the feedback notification that is sent to the editor. We automatically add important information about the user who made a request:

  • Company or subsidiary company
  • Department
  • Location


This improvement is especially valuable for enterprise customers with geographically distributed office locations who want to collect support requests centrally but then route them to local contacts for processing. This ensures that responsibilities can be determined quickly and easily.

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