What are the deletion rules at the employee referral program?

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The deletion rules in the employee referral program can be defined by the customer. The following configuration options exist:

Application data configuration

User data configuration 

Applicant data (ERP)

Application Data Deletion Configuration - After Export

Applications can be deleted right after they have been transferred to the ATS.



You have the ability to set a delay (in seconds) between the export and deletion and which deletion method you would like to use.

Alternatively: Application Data Deletion Configuration - Customisable Time

You can configure after how many months applications should be deleted,
given their status. For each status you can choose an independent timeframe (months).
For this customisable timeframe you can again choose a different deletion method,
although the options are listed below.

  • Successful applications: X months after status change to "Accepted"
  • Rejected applications: X months after status change to "Rejected"
  • Open applications: X months after receipt of application (if status not changed to "Accepted" or "Rejected")


Type of deletion (concerns only applicant data):

  • Deletion of all data except e-mail address, first and last name and photo (suitable e.g. for first deletion after transfer to ATS)
  • Deletion of all data except first name and first letter of the last name (so the recommendation is visible for the referrer) as long as it is open
  • Complete deletion of the data (no more visibility for referrers or recruiters)User Deletion Configuration - Customisable Time



User Deletion Configuration - Customisable Time (ERP)  

Employee data (who are registered all sort of users)

You can configure after how many months user should be automatically deleted.
30 days before deletion they will receive a email warning them of the upcoming deletion.
3 days before deletion they will get another warning.
If they don't login during those 30 days, they will be deleted

Configuration options:

Inactive users: Deletion after X months of inactivity


All these configurations you will get talked through in your onboarding process. If you want to change them later please contact our support team or your customer success manager to do so, that is not a problem. 


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