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The benefit of using the automated newsletter

Continuous communication is not only the key to consistently high user activity, but also to the long-term success of your Employee Relationship Programme. A newsletter is the easiest way to regularly remind your employees to share referral content and has also been proven to generate more applications due to higher usage.

A simple tool like the automated newsletter helps to create awareness – and more referrals. See for yourself: More referrals through engaged employees

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You don't have to worry about any of this as this is an automatically generated newsletter sent from our system. 

We distinguish two types of newsletters

  1. User Newsletter
    All employees who are already registered receive automated e-mails at the frequency of your choice. 
  2. Registration Newsletter
    Users that you have already invited into the system via the invitation feature, but who have not yet completed their registration, also already receive a newsletter, a slim version of the user newsletter.
    Since you have loaded the data into the system, a legal basis for a mailing is in place. 
  3. Internal Mobility Newsletter
    Customers with Internal-Mobility-Only can remove all mentions of referrals from Invitation, Registration and Newsletters. Furthermore, all E-mails encouraging employees to share jobs and stories + informations about applications on their shared links won't be send anymore. 


What does the newsletter look like? 


Our newsletter informs your employees about new job vacancies and stories you have published on your platform. 

The jobs are displayed with the details of the department, location, company (if you have more than one company in your system) and also the reward for a successful hire. Stories are shown with the preview picture. The publishing date is also displayed. 

Both items are directly linked, which means employees can share them easily by clicking on the job or story in the email. 


How often is the newsletter sent? 


You determine the time and frequency of the automatically sent Newsletter. 

You let us know:

  • on which day
  • at what time 
  • how often (once, every two weeks or once a month)

The newsletter gets sent automatically. This means that the content is not configurable. The newsletter contains five job advertisements of interest to the employee and five other job advertisements. 


Who receives the newsletter?


All employees registered on your platform will receive the newsletter. This ensures that registered users are regularly made aware of the Employee Referral Program and that recommending it remains in people's minds. 



FYI: All employees who have been invited via the invitation feature and have not yet registered, also receiving a newsletter. This differs minimally from the general one. 



Note: The newsletter does not replace your creative ongoing communication activities. These are merely supported by it. 

A newly created job is only sent in a newsletter once, but jobs that are edited with significant changes will reappear in the newsletter and the newsfeed. 

You have not yet enabled the newsletter, but would like to change that? Let our support team know when (day and time) and how often you would like to send the newsletter to your employees, and it will be enabled for you. 



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