Are the automated emails of the system configurable?

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Our system offers many different automated emails to your users, which facilitates continuous and long-term communication.

Most of these emails automated from the system are currently not configurable. 
To customise the communication with your users and applicants you can customise 4 of these emails.

These are system e-mails exclusively sent from our employee referral platform. 

How do the emails currently look like? 

1. The email that is sent to inform a referring person (user/employee) of a successful application including a hiring reward.


2. The email that is sent to inform a referring person (user/employee) about a
successfulapplicationexcluding a hiring reward.



3.  The Email that is sent to inform the applicant about a successfully sent application 

4. The email sent to inform a referring person (user/employee) about an approved reward and the further payment process.


5. The email sent to inform a potential applicant about a referral of a specific job.



Modification options:

Merge tags (ex: %applicantName%) will also be included in your changes.

Our emails are divided into different blocks. These can be customised. If you do not want to change a paragraph, the system will automatically fall back on the text that is predefined. 

1. Email: successful application including hiring reward:

  1. Text block:
    %applicantName% was hired for the position %jobName%.
  2. Text block:
    Thank you for supporting our recruiting team and making our company a better place to work by referring talented people like %applicantFirstName%.
  3. Text block:
    If you are willing to support us even more, please tell your colleagues about our employee referral program.
  4. Text block:
    We are looking forward to your next referral!

2. Email: successful application exclusive hiring reward.

  1. Text block:
    Congratulations, %applicantName% has been hired in the position of %jobName%. Thanks for your support. With your referral, you have helped make our company even more successful, and %applicantFirstName% has an exciting new job. Unfortunately, either no bonus was offered for this position, or you are not entitled to receive it. For more information on bonus entitlements, go to
  2. Text block:
    Guidelines & FAQs
  3. Text block:
    To support us further, why not tell your colleagues about our employee referral programme. We look forward to your next recommendation!

3. Email: Successfully sent an application 

  1. Text block:
    Your application - %submissionDate%
  2. Text block:
    Thank you for your application
  3. Text block:
    We have received your application for the position <b>%jobName%</b>. This email contains a summary of your application.
  4. Text block:
    If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact the contact person mentioned at the end of this email.
  5. Text block:
    You can delete your application at any time:
  6. Text block:
    Delete application (=Hyperlink)

4. Email: Approved gamification reward:

  1. Text block:
    Your reward was approved!
  2. Text block:
    Congratulations, your reward %incentiveName% has just been approved. The person responsible for your reward will contact you.
  3. Text block:
    Thank you for your support. With your commitment you contribute a great deal to making our company even more successful.
  4. Text block:
    We look forward to your next referral!

5. Email: Referral of a specific job

  1. Text block:
    Job Recommendation
  2. Text block:
    %referrerFullname% recommends a job for you
  3. Text block:
    %referrerFullname% recommends a story for you

The text you wish to change can be discussed with your Product Consultant during our onboarding process. The change will be entered into the system from our side. 

If you want to customise an email at a later point in time, feel free to send the change requests to our support team

An overview of all automated emails from the System can be found here.


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