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As you work with the list of jobs, sometimes it is important to direct an employee or another recruiter to a specific list of jobs filtered by certain criteria like location, department, or company. That helps quickly navigate person to the related jobs, instead of browsing the whole list.

Talentry provides an easy way of sharing filtered job lists - simply copy an URL from your browser address bar and ask another Talentry user to click on it. By following that URL the user will end up on the same list of filtered jobs. Talentry will ask to log in unauthorized users and will keep this job list secure from external access. This URL can be also saved as a browser bookmark so that you can come back to this view later.

This can be used as a communication tool to promote jobs from a specific location department or company. Using #stories or #employee campaign feature, Recruiters can place a URL into the message with a call to View and Refer action. offering employees review jobs to apply.

That is especially powerful to promote internal jobs using Talentry Internal Mobility Module and filter by.

In the case you want to share the list with external candidates please use the Share button.

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