What article do you base the processing of employee data on?

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The processing of employee data is based on the legitimate interest of the controller [Talentry customer] (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) GDPR). The justified interest (of the controller) is to win the best candidates for the company and to offer an employee recommendation programme for them. In this case, the predominant interests of the employees are not taken into consideration; in particular, the controller as employer is permitted at any time to communicate with his employees on a service-related basis via the e-mail account made available for business purposes without being able to reject this from the outset. An objection right for the employee, which is necessary in the case of justified interest, is given, since he can delete his account at any time (or opt-out possibility in the case of the "Jobs Newsletter", which regularly informs employees about current positions in the company).

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