Employee Campaigns - Ideas for Communication and Templates

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There is always a good reason to send your employees a campaign message! Because this keeps your Talentry programme front of mind, your employees active and the number of referrals as well as applications increases. 

What you will find in this article: 

  • On which occasions is it worth sending your employees a campaign message 
  • Examples of how you can design campaigns (preview + text examples) 

What occasions are there?

  • When a registration campaign is about to go live - to increase the registration rate
  • Official holidays (Christmas & Easter) 
  • Company internal news?
  • Replace your internal newsletter with Talentry campaigns:


    • Feature new locations!
      If you company is growing, you should share this positive development with all your employees. Often, the opening of a new office is accompanied by job postings and additions to the team, which can be interesting for users and increase the active user rate. 
    • Communicate upcoming events / participation in events.
      Email campaigns are ideal for effectively promoting other recruitment activities. If you are planning events that could be of interest to specific employee target audiences, you can use the campaign tool to inform these colleagues about them in good time.
    • Share important company successes!
      Successes are best when shared and are therefore an ideal occasion for an email campaign. Of course, the primary benefit is to the employer brand. 
  • Use campaigns to say thank you  
    • For example, the 5oth new appointment via the Talentry platform, which could only be achieved with the help of your employees. 
  • Seasonal information about job vacancies 
    • Choose particularly important job postings to link in campaigns. 
  • Reminders and calls for active use 
  • Announce new rewards
  • Introduce new colleagues who have been successfully recruited via Talentry


Examples and Ideas 


1-en-image-png-Feb-07-2022-05-56-26-37-PM.webp    2-en-image-png-Feb-07-2022-05-58-53-16-PM.png

More text examples for possible employee campaigns can be found here. 


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