Internal mobility as a win-win situation for recruiters and employees alike

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A recent LinkedIn study found that employees in companies with a high internal recruiting rate remain loyal to their employer 41 percent longer. This is because the lack of career options is a frequent reason for changing employers. Another finding of this study is that the infrastructure in the company is often lacking, so that internal role changes are initiated via informal networks or on the initiative of the employee. Reason enough for Talentry to expand its product portfolio with a module for Internal Mobility.

More loyalty, less costs: Internal recruiting has many advantages

Internal replacements usually occur when motivated employees apply for internal vacancies of their own accord or when hiring freezes and cost-cutting measures torpedo an external job advertisement. In addition to significant cost savings, other advantages are obvious:

  • Loyalty, motivation and employee retention
  • Proven cultural fit
  • Interdepartmental synergies and know-how transfer
  • Faster onboarding

How can you benefit from these advantages with Talentry Internal Mobility? We have briefly summarised this for you in a video:


Internal job advertisements & internal job market

In many companies, it is mandatory to advertise jobs internally first before looking for candidates on the external job market. With Talentry Internal Moblity, this is done with one click. Internal vacancies are explicitly marked as such, so that employees in your job portal can see at a glance that this is a position that is to be filled internally. Simple filter options also turn your general job board into a purely internal job market, which you can also use in your internal communication to advertise it specifically.

Internal application possibilities

This is already the first step. But Talentry Internal Mobility goes even further and offers your employees an easy way to apply. If you have connected an applicant management system, this application will be transferred to the system and marked as "internal" if desired. In this way, you can process your entire application backlog in your BMS as usual and see at first glance whether it is an internal or external application.

Proactive recruiting with internal talent pools

In the LinkedIn study mentioned earlier, 70 percent of the talent professionals surveyed cite a non-negligible hurdle for internal recruiting: Supervisors who do not want to lose their best team members to other departments. But it is precisely the best in the team who usually have a legitimate interest in further development - and in case of doubt, seek this opportunity in another company. Preempt this by creating discrete opportunities for these talents to signal their desire for internal change and to register in a corresponding talent pool. What this means for you is that you can organise your internal talent into talent pools that can be easily searched. This allows you to conduct internal active sourcing quickly and easily.

The perfect complement to Talentry Employee Referrals

Already using Talentry Employee Referrals? Our new Internal Mobility module is the perfect complement. Internal jobs are explicitly marked as such and not approved for sharing on social networks. But your employees can also apply directly themselves for jobs advertised on the external job market. Employees who participate in your referral programme will be informed about all vacancies as usual and can then decide whether they want to share a job with their network or apply directly themselves.

Do you have further questions about Talentry Internal Mobility? Talk to your customer success manager - or contact us at!

PS: In this blog article you will find more ideas on the topic of internal recruiting.

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