How can applications be forwarded or exported?

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You want to export applications from Talentry because you have no interface between your platform and your applicant management system, or you want to analyse incoming applications? Talentry offers you various options for forwarding or exporting application data by email. 


This article answers the following questions: 

  • How to forward applications by email?
  • How to export a list of applications as an Excel file and the information contained in the


Forward applications by email

  • In the single application view, in addition to changing the status, there is also the function of deleting an application or forwarding it via the green button.


  • The recipient is defined by the e-mail address and both the subject and the personal text can be edited.
  • Furthermore, it can be selected whether attachments and information about the recommending person should be sent or not. 


Export application list 

In order to generate an Excel list of all applications received, it is possible to create an export.

  • In the view of all applications, there is an export button at the top right.
  • The system automatically starts the download of an Excel file by clicking on it. 


What information is included in the Excel? 

  • Applicant name, applicant email
  • Date of submission of the application
  • Job title (company and department)
  • Recommender information
  • Reward
  • Application status
  • Change of application (status) 

With the help of using filters in the excel file, you can create your own analyses.


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