Employee Referrals: Posters & flyers as templates for your internal promotions

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screen5.webpNotice boards, offices, reception, staff rooms, kitchens, company canteen - there are many places where employees regularly gather. Good places to promote your employee referral programme! No capacity to produce marketing materials? Then we have something for you! And the best thing: our templates for posters and double-sided flyers have been created in PowerPoint and can be quickly and easily customised with your own CI, without knowledge of graphics. Even minor text changes are no problem. And this is how it works - shown here in an example for a flyer with gamification: 

What you'll find in this article: 

1. Necessary changes to the text

2. Customising colours and other content

3. Preparing the print file

4. PDF export

5. Download links to the templates


1. Necessary Changes to the Text

In principle, you can start using the documents right away - except for two essential textual modifications. 

💡 We recommend that you save a copy before editing, which you can then use as a basis for your own version. This way, should you be unhappy with your changes, you can revert to the original at any time. 

Add your logo

We have provided a placeholder for your logo on both the poster and flyer. Simply delete the word "LOGO" and place your logo here. The ideal height is approx. 2 cm for the flyer and approx. 0.7 cm for the poster.



Insert your registration URL

The URL for registration via a desktop browser is also included in the text next to the QR code for the app stores. Please remember to replace "yourcompany.talentry.com" with the web address for your employee referral programme. 



2. Customising Colours and Other Content


We have provided a selection of neutral colours. But you can replace them with your own corporate colours in a few simple steps: Select the appropriate fields or backgrounds in PowerPoint as usual and customise the fill colour by clicking on "Shape Format": 


💡 Make sure the logo has a good resolution. Even if the PPT slide looks good, the resolution may be too low for professional printing - 300dpi is ideal.


You wish to use a less formal style of wording or make other text changes? This is also very easy! With the exception of the illustrations, almost all elements in the PowerPoint files can be customised. Simply make your desired changes in the respective text box! 


You wish to change the value of the reward in line with your own reward scheme and align the points to your own points system? This is also possible! The illustration itself is a fixed image, but Rewards and Points have been created as text fields, allowing you to make changes quickly and easily: 



3. Preparing the Print File

The files are set up in standard DIN formats: 

  • Poster: DIN A4
  • Poster: DIN A3
  • DL Flyer: DIN lang format (landscape, 21 x 9.8 cm)

If you want to use the file online, for example, for uploading to the intranet or sending by email, then you don't need to read any further. But if you wish to get the document professionally printed at a printing company (this is possible online for even small print runs and is relatively inexpensive), then please note the following:

Printers normally require the addition of a bleed margin for trimming. These requirements vary depending on the printers, so you should make this adjustment before exporting the file as a PDF. You can find this information the printers' formatting guidelines, where the file format and dimensions of the print file are normally given (i.e. the final format of the finished flyer or poster plus bleed margins on all four pages). With our printing company, the DL flyer is as follows:

Print guidelines DL Flyer (DIN lang)
Data format (incl. 2 mm bleed): 10.9 x 21.4 cm
Trimmed size: 10.5 x 21 cm

You can make these changes under File >> Page Setup: as File Format select "User Defined" or "Custom" and then enter the relevant changes to the dimensions:  


When you click on "OK", you will get a further dialogue window. Here, select "Don't Scale". This way, your prevent the layout being adjusted to the new slide size. This is not necessary - it only concerns the bleed margin for printing.


We have created the background so that bleed margins can be easily fully filled. But should you require a smaller white margin, adjust the background before exporting the file. This way, you ensure that your flyer or poster is ultimately borderless when printed. 



4. PDF Export

Now you are almost there! PDFs are usually the preferred file format for professional printing, but also ideal for sharing by email or as a download link. If you wish to create a print file, please also follow the guidelines of your printers. For multi-page documents, some printers prefer all pages in one document, others like to have separate PDFs for the front and back. You will also find the option to export the file as a PDF under File >> Export. Select PDF as the format and save the file as usual. 



5. Download Links

Here you will find the templates in PowerPoint format. All templates have been created in five colour variants - the preview images show only one variant in each case. We wish you every success in promoting your employee referral programme! 

Posters - A3 and A4:

A3 with Gamification A3 Reward only A4 with Gamification A4 Reward only
15.png 16.png 17.png 18.png
Download Download Download Download

Flyer DIN long, 2 pages: 

With Gamification Reward only
19.png 20.png
Download Download


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