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Events with your talent community are a win-win situation, where your talent leads and professionals from the company can get to know each other better. Often, dealing with participants, communication and event follow-up is a big challenge. Talentry can support you with this in just 5 easy steps.


You should have the following information at hand before starting: 

1. Date, time & place

2. Agenda or 3-4 key points about the event

3. Defined target audience (e.g. school pupils, students, professionals)

Still short of ideas for an event? How about: 

  • Answers to your questions about careers at XY 
  • Introducing: The software development team at XY 
  • Get to know our various teams 
  • Ideas' contest
  • Hackathons
  • Dine together
  • ...
OR be inspired by this article: 
Digital Events: more than a virtual intermezzo

Talentry can help you to better manage your planned event in just a few steps. Follow these detailed step-by-step guidelines with useful tips, templates and examples. 

In order to better illustrate the process, the following example shows a factitious online event for your already existing talent leads in the area of HR. 

1. Create a registration form for your event

So that people can register for your event, you need a registration form. If you want to attract various target audiences to your event and different information is required, it's possible to create more than one form. For example, when differentiating between talent leads already in the system and external people you do not yet know, but would like to include in your talent pool. 

More information about forms can be found here.

💭 In our example, we need just one form. Proceed as follows: 

Select Settings > CRM > Talent Form > Create Form



1-1 Give your event a meaningful name. This is meant for internal identification and is not visible to talent leads.

TIP: Use a naming structure so that forms, talent pools, campaigns & tags can be quickly retrieved. For events, we recommend the following: Event_YYMM(DD)_Event-Title

1-2 Now select which operation should be performed with talent leads after filling out the form. For this event, we are creating a new pool so that you can also share necessary information with registered candidates and have an overview of event registrations. 

If you have already set up a talent pool for this event, you can select an existing pool in the dropdown menu. 

Should you create a second form for the same event, select the pool used for the first form. This way you make sure that all registrations go into one pool.

Now select what information you want to collect from people.

First name, family name & email are ALWAYS required fields and cannot be deactivated. createform.png

TIP: 1-4 You can expand the registration form to include event specific questions. Create a new talent field for this.

In the above example, a checkbox type talent field was created and an option included for each session.

More examples from other customers:

  • Participation in individual sessions
  • Preferred person to talk to for 1:1 chats
  • Dietary requirements (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, vegetarian)
  • Where did you find out about this event? 

Now enter the official title of your event. This provides the title for the form and is also visible externally. 

Choose an informative title that will be used again in communication with talent leads. 

1-6 Use the description to encourage talent leads to register. 


Example 1:
1on1 Coffee and Career Talk
Great that you want to treat your career to a strong brew. Register now!
Example 2:
Your Way!
Are you looking for a career start? Apply for our event on XX.XX - get to know us, learn about our Sales and Customer Experience departments and perhaps even go home with a job offer!
Example 3:
Insights to XY
What we do, why we need you and why you should join our team? You'll find the answers to these questions on xx July at our XXXX event. Sounds interesting? Then register now!
Beispiel 4: 
Community Event July 2022
Great that you would like to join our next virtual event! 

2. Invite & attract participants

There are various ways to attract talent leads to your event. You can publish the link to the registration form in different places:  

  1. Embed the form on your career website (using Link or iFrame) 
  2. Provide a link in social media posts 
  3. Create a QR code link and make it available at career fairs, university events etc.
  4. Include a link in your talent newsletter (using Merge Tag)
  5. Include a link in a specific invitation using Talent Campaigns


💭 Point 5. is illustrated in the following example:

In this case, select Talent Campaigns


2-1 Create a new campaign 

2-2 Give the campaign a name that can be associated with the event and also point to the invitations. 

TIP: Use a naming structure so that forms, talent pools, campaigns & tags can be retrieved quickly. For events, we recommend the following: Event_YYMM(DD)_Event-Title

2-3 Choose a method of creating your campaign - in this case, select "Use template".

"Event email" is one of our campaign templates for events that is also available to you. Should be unable to find it, please contact our Support Team.campaign.png

TIP: Use a naming structure so that you can quickly find the campaign & have a good overview. For events, we recommend the following:
Event_YYMM(DD)_Event-Title (Invitation)

2-4 Now define the target audience for your event. Our example event is specifically for HR talent leads who are currently looking for a job. So we choose the following filters:
Pool: Area_HR
Status: Qualified & Unqualified 
Now edit the text for your campaign. Use the information you have prepared for the event (e.g. date, time & venue, as well as the agenda or 3-4 key points) 
2-5  Don't forget to link the registration form using Merge Tag - Link to talent form. (The text for the link is finalised in the second part of the Merge Tag sequence. For example: "Register here").
ℹ️ Using Merge Tags to link the form ensures that existing information about people already in the system is automatically prefilled in the form. Advantages:
1. Talent leads can update personal information themselves.
2. There is no need to re-enter existing information.
2-6 In the final step, you specify how the campaign is sent (Invitation). Think about your traget group: When is a good time to reach them? To make your life easier, if appropriate, use the "Schedule for later" function. recepients.png
You can repeat this process several times in order to send a reminder, the event agenda in advance or communicate other event information. 
We recommend: 
- Invitation 
- Event invitation reminder (via a newsletter, if appropriate)
- Event details (one day before the event) 

3. Managing registrations  

Your talent leads are now busy registering for the event. Information about existing talent leads is updated or new details added to your talent pool. 

With Talentry, you always keep track of your registrations.

For this, select Pools 


3-1 Open the pool for an overview of how many talent leads have already completed the registration form and an overview of participants.

Use the normal filters from the Talent List in the Pool View as well.


Pools created automatically for a talent form are shown in a black colour scheme. You can also change the colour at any time. 


 🎉 EVENT 🎉

Use the Pool View to export lists of participants and to keep track of relevant information concerning the event. 


4. Tag participants (optional)

You want to keep information about participation in the event and be able to filter for it in the Talent Profile in the future? Then follow these steps for flagging event participation in the Talent Profile with the help of Tags.

We recommend using tags because they are easy to filter and can be assigned to several participants at the same time using Bulk Action. 

Open Settings - CRM - Tag Management and create a Tag for the event. More about Tag Management can be found here.

TIP: Once again, use the familiar naming structure: Event_YYMM(DD)_Event-Title 

You have two options regarding how the newly created event finds the right talent leads:

  • If you have a list of people in an Excel spreadsheet, you can upload it and assign a tag to these contacts - more info here.
  • For a small number of participants, use the Bulk Function - we explain how it works here:

For this, select Pools and open your event pool as in 3-1

4-1 Mark all participants using the tick box ☑️ before the name. Once you have selected more than one person, click on Actions - Add tags to selection. Then choose the tag you have just created. 


5. Send follow-up - What happens next? 

5-1 Use all the information you were able to obtain about talent leads during the event: make notes, set reminders (more info about Reminders here) or edit Talent Fields in the Talent Profile so that information does not get lost. 


  • Interest in a 1:1 discussion -> set Reminder & Status to "interested" (or similar)
  • Expected university degree  -> Reminder 
  • Particularly positive impression during discussion round -> Note
  • Interest in particular technical or specialist fields -> Talent field 


Send a follow-up campaign message:

To do this, open Talent Campaigns - Create Campaign

5-2 Give your campaign a meaningful name.

Here again, you can send different campaigns by filtering according to target audience. For example, if you want to send a follow-up campaign to no-shows as well, please note that this needs to taken into account when you give the campaign a name. 


5-3 In our case, we set filters for talent leads who registered for the event (Pool Filter) & participated (Tag Filter)


5-4 Customise the text for the campaign. 


Don't forget these things in your follow-up email:

  • Thank participants for attending
  • Offer an opportunity for dialogue or making contact 
  • Job teaser or employer branding content (link)
  • Get feedback about the event

Want to get more information about event participants in your follow-up campaign? This is really easy with Follow-up Forms combined with a Talent Campaign! You'll find more information about it in this article.



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