What gamification rewards can I use to motivate my employees?

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Factors you should take into consideration when choosing rewards:

  • Location-specific factors (e.g. premises)
  • Corporate culture (e.g. charitable rewards)
  • Teambuilding (e.g. team rewards)


Ask your employees! Set up focus groups with employees from different departments or conduct an employee survey.

Rewards can be specified per company and location.


Best practices and ideas for gamification rewards: 

❗A reward doesn't always have to be connected to money. ❗


All kinds of gift vouchers

  • Travel, hotel accommodation
  • Fashion/sports, events, adventure, wellness
  • Canteen, restaurants


Individual rewards

  • x day(s) of extra holiday
  • Parking at the CEO car park, lunch with the CEO, 
  • Mention as employee of the month, a new face for the employee image campaign
  • Job shadowing in another department (interesting if Internal Mobility is enabled)
  • Qualification for prize draw (points not directly linked to winning) 

Socially oriented rewards 

  • Donations to 
    • Non-profit organisations
    • Animal shelters
    • NGOs etc.
    • Bouquet of flowers for another person


Team rewards 

  • Breakfast 
  • Team-event budget 
  • Cookery event (also virtual) 

➡️ Gamification is especially useful in our increasingly virtual world. There is no limit to creativity in the choice of possible rewards. 

Check out our Blog post with more ideas.

Don't have Talentry Gamification enabled yet? Feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager for this. 

*Additional info:
If the premium exceeds 44 EUR/month, it must be taxed as a non-cash benefit (in this case, it makes sense to consult the financial/payroll accounting department in advance in order to find the best possible solution).

If you want to learn more about Talentry Gamification in general, click here.

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