Employee Referrals: How can I get (more) employees to share more job postings?

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1. Ongoing communication 📣

This is where the greatest leverage for long-term motivation of your employees lies. The following tools at your disposal, some of which are automated:

  • Automated newsletters: use this simple tool to regularly put Talentry on your employees' radar without additional effort. Read about how this works here. 
  • Automated push notifications: there is an option to enable automatic push notifications for the Talentry app in your account settings. You decide what information should be sent: new jobs, applications from contacts, new hires or even rejected applicants. This way your employees are informed once a week. More about push notifications here.
  • Internal stories: if you are using Talentry Employee Referrals in conjunction with Stories (Employee Advocacy), you have the option of using internal stories as a promotional tool for your referral programme. Find out more about it in this article.
  • Posters & flyers: make use of offline communication in the form of posters and flyers, for example, in staff rooms and high-traffic areas such as the staff canteen. We have created templates for you, which you can easily customise. More about it in this article. 

2. Seasonal & alternating campaigns 📫

Talentry's campaign feature provides you with an additional communication tool. It is particularly suitable for seasonal campaigns (e.g. for Easter, company anniversaries or Christmas) or for promoting activities such as competitions, which we will talk about later. Another topic for campaigns: explain product features and provide user tips, e.g. wording for sharing job postings in LinkedIn or Xing.
Read how this campaign feature works.

And here we explain how you can save time in creating mailing lists for campaigns.

💡 Looking for some inspiration for your campaigns? We have put together some ideas for you here. 

3. New incentives to register 🔥

Another lever for more referrals: increase the registration rate! How do you achieve this? 

  • Talentry invitation feature: there are many reasons for inviting employees not just at the launch of the programme. New colleagues should be invited and informed as part of the onboarding process. But it is also worthwhile to regularly follow up with colleagues who have not yet registered, e.g. if particularly difficult to fill vacancies at one location or department have been advertised. Use this as a hook for the invitation! Learn more about how this invitation feature works.
  • (New) incentives to register: you don't yet have a registration incentive? Then now would be a good time for it. If you already offer incentives for newly registered employees, then you might consider trying something new or offering more options in order to cater for as many different tastes as possible. You don't want to permanently incentivise registrations? Then the point about "Competitions & Limited Promotions" may be of interest to you. 
  • Communication measures via the Intranet, notice boards or other internal communication channels. What to communicate? There are two starting points here: What do employees get out of it? (incentives, recruitment bonuses, helping to shape the team themselves, etc.). And what does the company get out of it? (filling vacancies more quickly, lower recruitment costs, better cultural fit). Also remember to communicate actual success stories: the 5oth employee to be recruited via Talentry; the marketing team that redeems its Talentry "team breakfast" incentive. More examples for communication can be found above under "Internal Stories". 
  • Posters and flyers (see above)

4. Competitions, limited promotions & gamification 👑

Everyone likes winning something. Make use of this playing instinct - whether permanently in the form of gamification or as a limited promotion. Important: communicate it (see above)!

  • Competitions or team challenges: offer prizes, e.g. for the largest number of job shares per month or the most clicks. The prizes don't have to be expensive. Team challenges are also a good alternative that strengthen team building. Incidentally: this type of incentive also works if you do not wish to use gamification permanently. 
  • Gamification: we see from numerous clients that gamification is a good tool for more activity in the long term. That is one of the reasons why we deal with this topic extensively again and again. Here you can find all Knowledge Base articles on gamification. 
  • Badges: small but effective... this is true here. Badges show your employees that they have made a valuable contribution. Here you can find an overview of the badges available in Talentry.
  • Limited promotions: if you make use of gamification then you should also consider additional limited promotions. For example, award more points than usual for a limited period of time. Or offer extra incentives for specific actions that have proved to be successful. Double the points of employees who have reached a certain number of points. There are no limits to your imagination - test and create variety! A welcome side effect: such promotions are perfect occasions to communicate and get people talking about the referral programme once again. 

💡 Have you ever thought about team incentives? We have put together a few examples for you. 

5. No link to the applicant tracking system? What you need to look out for ☝️

  • Sufficient vacancies: the more jobs your employees can share, the greater the chance that suitable contacts for a referral are available in their networks. Therefore, regularly check whether the jobs available in Talentry are current and comprehensive.
  • Current status of referral applications: this is the only way to ensure that your employees know what has become of their referrals. 


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