Importance of communication

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Why is communication important?

A well planned communication concept forms the basis for the success of an employee referral program. For this reason, this topic is being addressed right at the beginning of the project. In the first few weeks, the focus will be on planning the communication strategy and later on implementing the defined communication measures.

The communication does not stop after the go-live. Employees should continue to be convinced of the tool and motivated to use it. Therefore the planning and execution of CONTINUOUS COMMUNICATION is also HIGHLY IMPORTANT.

Strategy & Planning before the product launch

Just follow the 3 steps to successful communication planning to get your employees excited about the Talentry employee referral program.

Step 1 - Important elements and goals of your communication strategy

For strategic planning we provide you with a template for a communication plan. This should help you to bring your ideas & measures into a structured planning.

Prior notice

  • Increase enthusiasm and excitement

  • Arouse interest


  • Generate the highest possible number of registrations right from the start

  • Make the program successful within a short time

  • Establish a new tool in the company

Continuous Communication

  • Continue to convince employees of the tool

  • Making usage a standard

Step 2 - Target group and focus of your communication content

Consider the characteristics of your target group:

  • Desktop or more mobile users (desktop vs. mobile use)

  • Location(s)

  • Spoken languages

  • Digital and network affinity

  • Established referral culture

  • Number of open positions

  • Cost per hire within the target group

  • Used communication channels (XING, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.)

Focus your communication content:

  • It is a WIN - WIN - WIN situation

    • Employees feel valued, empowered, recognised and identify more with the company

    • Recruiters reach hard-to-find candidates with a strong cultural fit

    • Candidates have a better experience and stay informed throughout the recruitment process

  • Referral via Talentry is possible for everyone with very little effort

  • "We need new employees like you" - appreciation of current employees

Step 3 - Choosing the right communication channels for you


During your onboarding process you get access to our success hub where you will find many great examples from other customers or templates that you can use for your communication.

Find some examples on this article



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