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Employees have a good nose for suitable candidates. Until now, they have only used this "filter" for recommendations that are assigned to a specific job posting. We asked ourselves how this "employee filter", which is so valuable for the so-called cultural fit in the company, could be used more for proactive recruiting. That's how we came up with the idea of enabling employee referrals even without vacancies - and quite simply via the Smart Referral Assistant. 

Why enable speculative referrals?

The first companies are already successfully generating talent pools with "second-best" candidates from interviews, promising contacts from various recruiting events, and the odd speculative applicant. With the recommendations of their own employees, companies are in a position to expand their talent pools much more quickly and, if necessary, to draw on a broad base of candidates already pre-selected by the "employee filter". In addition, this allows you to keep your employee referral program running successfully even in times with fewer job postings.

What happens to initiative recommendations?

Unsolicited recommendations flow directly into a separate talent pool. The recommended candidates go through the exact process that you are familiar with from the "classic" recommendation with a job and receive an email with the request to give the consent to data storage and processing required by the GDPR. For you, this means: You gradually build up a pool of pre-selected and interested candidates who you can actively contact when a suitable position becomes available. This shortens your time to hire - and reduces your recruiting costs. 

A new vacancy is requested. You can search your talent pools - including the pool for unsolicited recommendations - for suitable talent before you post the job. If you find a match, you can assign the talent a position, transfer the application to your applicant management system, and continue processing it there as usual.


What do my employees have to do?

Your employees can directly select the Smart Referral Assistant on the start page of the referral portal via "Refer someone". This guides them through the entire referral process and asks right at the beginning whether the referral should be assigned to a specific job or not. 


What happens if the referrals already exists? 

If an employee decides to refer someone who has already been referred, they will get a warning message, that states that they might not get a reward. Of course, if they want to proceed, they still can. This way we ensure, that everybody involved is aware and the system is transparent to all their users. 


Do you have further questions about the initiative recommendations or are you generally interested in proactive recruiting with candidate pools? Contact us - we will be happy to advise you!


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