Why my job ad is not online?

Sebastiano Imprima
Sebastiano Imprima
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Job ad is already published

Once an job ad is published, it can happen that she it not appearing online anymore. The unpublish of an job ad on Meteojob can be due to several distinct reasons:

- The publication period may have expired

- The job may no longer appear in the job feed, if you use an ATS

- The Job ad may have been removed manually


Job ad is not published yet

It is possible that after posting a job ad for publication, it does not appear online. If the Job ad you want to publish is not online, this can be due to two reasons: the job ad is either pending or it is in draft


📑 Job ad on hold



Here are the main reasons why a job ad may be "pending":

- Credits are missing - This applies whether the job ads are published manually or via an import;

- The user does not publish from the right entity - This is only valid for manually published Job ads.

- An job ad is duplicated but not yet published



📝 Job ad in draft


Here are the main reasons why a job ad may be "in draft":

- One or more mandatory fields are missing

  • For manually published job ads, the mandatory fields are the following: job, location, type of contract, salary
  • For job ads published with an import, the mandatory fields are the following: job, type of contract, location, redirection url or redirection email for applications.

- The job ad is created manually, saved but not yet published

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