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*PLEASE NOTE: These features are not included by default. To access them, contact your Customer Success or your Cleverconnect sales representative.


Through the Administrators section, you can create new administrators , modify administrators info and delete them.


How to create a new Administrator

To create new administrators, a Super Admin licence is required.


First of all, you have to connect to the Administration Panel and click on the Administrators icon.




At this point just click on "Add administrator"




Choose the user(must already exist on the Panel) and choose the role (Administrator or Super Administrator)




Finally, click on “Add”


How to edit and delete and Admin / Super Admin


Go back to the start page of the Administrator section.

This page lists all the Admins or Super Admins in the company.

First of all, in this list you can see who is Super Admin and who is Admin in the "Role" column.




To edit an Admin / Super Admin at this point, simply click on the small pencil on the right.




At this point, you will be able to edit the User, the function (choosing whether Admin or Super Admin) and decide whether to link one team, several teams or all to this administrator.



At the end, click on "Add"


If, on the other hand, you wish to delete an administrator, simply click on the basket to the right





Differences between Admin and Super Admin licence


To understand the difference between these two licences, here is a table with the actions allowed for the two different licences:



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