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*PLEASE NOTE: These features are not included by default. To access them, contact your Customer Success or your Cleverconnect sales representative.


Through the Teams section, you can create new team, see users who belong to a team, rename or delete it.


Why create teams on Visiotalent?

Once a company is set up on Visiotalent, if, for example, it is a company with a few users working together on the same recruitments, it is important to create a Team in which to put all users, so that users can share campaigns with each other and perform actions on them.


If, for example, the company has many locations or many 'shops', it is possible to create teams according to location, so that users working on recruitment in the same location can share campaigns and information with each other.


Another use of teams is by type of recruitment. So, it happens that teams of recruiters work on junior recruitments, others on senior recruitments and still others on internal mobility.


Or, another example may be the division into brands. In fact, there are sub-brands that belong to a global brand, and consequently the teams are divided into sub-brands.


How does it work to belong to the same team?

If you and a colleague are in the same team, you can share a campaign with your colleague and he will find the campaign among his 'shared recruitments'.


In this way, he can perform actions on the campaign such as inviting candidates and evaluating videos.

Depending on the type of licence your colleague has, he can either invite and evaluate candidates on your campaign (user/collaborator licence) or only evaluate candidates (evaluator licence).


In each of the 2 cases, the colleague with whom you share the campaign will not be able to edit the campaign because the changes can only be made by the person who created the campaign and who owns it.


How to create a new team

  • First of all, you have to connect to the Administration Panel and click the Teams icon


  • At this point just click on "add team"


  • Name the new team and click on "Add"



Other actions

For all other actions just find the name of the team you are looking for (you can enter it in the search bar) and click on the 3 dots to the right of the reference team:



  1. By clicking on "See user" you will be able to see all the users of a team

    Once logged in, you will see the 'Add users' button, in fact you can decide to add new company users to a specific team directly from here.


  2. By clicking on "Rename" you can change the name of a team
  3. By clicking on "Delete" you can delete a team

If you prefer, you can watch the video tutorial:

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