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*PLEASE NOTE: These features are not included by default. To access them, contact your Customer Success or your Cleverconnect sales representative.


Through the Users section, you can create new users, change his role, modify existing ones, deactivate them and modify the team to which a user belongs.


How to create a new user

Go to the Administration Panel ( or via your Visiotalent account

  1. Click on the first Users icon


  2. then click on create user


  3. at this point you will have to fill in all the fields on the page that have a red asterisk * (mandatory fields).


Things to know about filling in the fields:


  • In the role section there is a drop-down menu where you will have to choose the type of user: 


    Recruiter: He creates the campaigns, invites the candidates and evaluates them.

    Collaborator: He invites the candidates and evaluates them.

    Assessor: Evaluates candidates

  • As for the password, all you need is to generate a password by clicking on the icon of the two rotating arrows, once the password of the new user has been automatically generated.


    Warning: copy-paste the password before clicking on the Confirm button, so you can send the new user its login credentials to the platform.

  • Then you can insert the picture of the recruiter and the logo of the company and click on Confirm




How to deactivate a user

When you want to deactivate a Visiotalent account:


  • Click on Users

  • In the search bar write the name of the user who must be deactivated and click on the three points on the right and finally on Deactivate




How to make an account change

It is possible that, during the period of use of the platform, the HR teams change and it becomes necessary to make changes to user accounts.


For example, it often happens that the account which is currently in the hands of one person need to be transferred to another person from a specific date.


In this case, as always, it will be necessary:

  • Log into the Panel and click on Users.
  • In the search bar write the name of the user that needs to be changed and click on the user, a page with the user's profile will open and, clicking on the three dots at the top right and then on Edit , you can make the necessary changes.


At this point, you can modify all the data entered in the account.


You can modify name, first name, e-mail address, function, role, telephone number and photo.



The most important thing when switching users is changing the password.




Thus, as we have seen previously, it will be necessary to click on the icon with the two rotating arrows to generate a new password, before validating all the modifications you will have to copy and paste the new password of the new user and finally you can send the new user an e-mail with their access data to the platform.


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