I cannot access to my recruiter page, how can I do ?

Léa Leclercq
Léa Leclercq
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How to connect as a recruiter on Météojob ?

  • From the website https://www.meteojob.com/
  • Click on "Recruteurs" at the top right, then on "M'identifier"
  • Enter your email address and password


💡 Save the login page in your favourites to save time the next time you login.

Indeed, you may have used the login page for our candidates instead of the page dedicated to you, recruiter.


If you are unable to connect to Meteojob, you may be in one of the following situations:

  • The connection link is incorrect
  • The password or email address used is incorrect


How do i find my login details ?

Your login corresponds to your professional email address.

To make sure it is the right email adree, don't hesitate to check your inbox, it is possible that you have kept the email that created your account with the subject "Création d'un compte Meteojob".

In this case, the login corresponds to the email of the inbox that received it.


How to reset my password ?

If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one by using the forgotten password procedure available on the login page.

  1. Try to connect as usual 
  2. Click on "Mot de passe oublié ?"
  3. Follow the process




⛔ If you don't receive this email, we recommand you to check the spam and unwanted category first.  If you didn't receive it at all, you can create a ticket by clicking on "assistance" at the bottom right of the page :  mceclip1.png


Logins' confidentialy 

⚠️ Your personnal information are strictly personal and is useful in the event that the CleverConnect team needs to contact you.

It is not shared with candidates under any circumstances.

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