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Anais Fauvarque
Anais Fauvarque
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Visiotalent allows you to pre-qualify your candidates in an innovative way. Different from the video conference interview, this one takes place offline. 


How does it work?

You set up a series of questions for your candidates (each question responds to a criterion to be assessed) and you invite them to answer them in video format within a given time frame. Once the candidate's video is recorded, it's up to your expert recruiting eye to determine whether or not the candidate can move on to the next stage of the recruitment process.


💡  You have the possibility to ask your questions in video and thus improve the experience of your candidates. To do so, I invite you to read our article on this subject.


Thousands of recruiters use Visiotalent to save time when screening candidates, to improve their employer branding in the early stages of recruitment or to quickly identify candidates' soft skills that are often imperceptible during the CV screen.


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