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Anais Fauvarque
Anais Fauvarque
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 🧐 Context

Are you a new user on Visiotalent? Are you new to using video in your recruiting? 

You will find below all the articles and videos that will help you get started with our platform. 

📚 Learn about Visiotalent's concept

✔️ How to start?

1. Log in to your Visiotalent space and get familiar with your new platform

2. Customise your profile by adding your photo and logo - see article

3. Identify a first job on which you want to use Visiotalent and define the most important criteria to be evaluated at this stage of the process.

4. Create your first campaign - see article

5. Invite your first candidates


✨ Our advice: don't look for perfection on your first try, the main thing is to get started!

You will have plenty of time to improve your candidates' experience step by step.


📚 Learn about Visiotalent's basic features


👁️‍🗨️ How to contact us

As you can see, this HelpCenter is a goldmine for finding informations.
However, if you cannot find the answer to one of your questions or if you have a technical issue, open a ticket here and our Customer Care team will get back to you very quickly


💻 Visiotalent in less than 10 minutes

Below you can find a 9-minute video about Visiotalent to get a feel for the platform and understand how it works as a whole.



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