What are the different methods for posting job ads on Meteojob?

Sebastiano Imprima
Sebastiano Imprima
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The job ads on Meteojob can be posted in two different ways : 


Manually, through our Job Board Metéojob



In order to create and to post a job ad, you will need: 

  1. to access to Meteojob as a recruiter
  2. to click on "Mes Offres" ;
  3. to click on "Créer une offre" ; 
  4. to fill in all the needed information (job description, contract type, etc...) ; 
  5. to click on "Publier".

Through a job ads' import

In order to avoid to post the job ads manually, it is possible to set up a data import from an external source.


A feed is a way for publishing the job ads. A "job feed" is a file in XML format that can be downloaded and transferred through a URL, containing all the job ads.

The URL for a feed is usually provided by you (customer) or by your ATS or Multi-broadcaster 

You can also provide a feed created by you following our technical documentation (that we can transmit to you if needed). 


There are two main types of feed: 

  1. The "individual" feed intended for a single customer.
  2. The "common" or "shared" feed which contain all the offers of all the clients of the ATS or multi-broadcaster.



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