How to set up multi-localized offers ?

Léa Leclercq
Léa Leclercq
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In order to set up multi-location offers, you can choose different locations for one or several offers that you enter manually.


fleche-rouge – Forum 5i The multil-localization is possible for regions and departments only. 

fleche-rouge – Forum 5i Your products will be set up with differents durations in advance (number of months the multi-location offer will be published), according to your needs and credits. 


You can do it yourself, by following these steps : 


How to create multi-localized offers :

According to the product you activated, here is how to choose the right selection when creating offers if all 3 products are already set : 


Radio button is displayed:

  • Classique : Only 1 localization. It will always remain activated even if the "standard offer" product is not set, however, it will be impossible to publish.
  • Multi région and Multi départment: only displayed if the product was set up in advance.


How to selecte a localization : 

Whether it is a region or a department, the list is displayed ont the Multi département selection. Then, you must select the wanted locations. You have the possibility to select and deselect several options. 



If I have two identical products with a different duration : 

How does it work ? 

If we have had set up one product with two different durations:

  • Publication of offers - multi-localized region (3 months)
  • Publication of offers - multi-localized region (6 months)

→ You will then have the choice when publishing your offer :


Your offer will then be published and linked to the regions you have selected for a period of 3 and 6 months. 

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