How to create a unique questionnaire for external VT collaborators

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First of all, it is important to know that the candidates' videos can be shared with collaborators outside Visiotalent, i.e. with some colleagues or managers who do not have direct access to the platform.


In addition to sharing the video, you can also ask these external contributors to answer a questionnaire (which will be visible on the same video sharing page) that you can create yourself.


Please note: the questionnaire for external collaborators is unique, so it remains the same for all campaigns and for all external contributors with whom you share videos.


To create this questionnaire, go to the main menu and click on Settings and then on Collaborators' assessment questions. Then click on the questionnaire that will appear in order to access the editing area.


                        VT-REGLAGES-EN.png VT-QUESTIONS_EVAL_COLLAB-EN.png




On the Edit page you can give your questionnaire a title, choose the language and enter as many questions as you want to ask external collaborators.




Here you can edit the default questions, add options by clicking on "add option" and delete options by clicking on the X next to the option.




You can also add other questions by clicking on "add a question".


Once all changes have been made, click on "Save".




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