How do I manage my email notifications?

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To speed up the recruitment process it is necessary to be well informed of the activity of your candidates and that is why we advise you to set up notifications in order to get the desired information quickly. Here we will explain how to do it:



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Manage your notifications:

1. On the home page, click the "Settings" button on the left.
2. In the settings, click the "Notifications" button on the left.
3. Click on the notification button to enable or disable sending an e-mail when an action occurs.





Best practice:

Enable the email notifications "when a candidate is pre-interviewed", this will help you to have a better tracking of the applicants when using Visiotalent for very first time.


An email will be sent when:

- A candidate has sent you their video
- A candidate replies to one of the emails sent by Visiotalent
- A candidate refuses to do the video interview
- When an email address is invalid


Don't forget to save the changes you made on this page by clicking on the save button located at the right bottom of the page.

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