How to archive/unarchive an application

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The recruiter can isolate a candidate in a campaign in order to find him/her more easily or to keep him/her in a pool

Connect to the Visiotalent platform

Prefer Google Chrome or Firefox browser for an optimized experience.
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To archive a candidate

  1. Accessing your campaigns
    To archive a candidate, go to the campaign where the candidate is located

  2. Click on « My recruitments »


  3. Click on the campaign where the candidate is located
  4. Click on « … »


  5. Click on « Archive this application »


To unarchive an application

Once inside the campaign, click on "Archived candidates" in the grey menu on the left of the screen.

Click on the 3 dots to the right of the candidate's line and click on "Unarchive this application" to remove it from the list of archived candidates and make it appear again in the usual list.


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