How to generate a public link

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The public link allows you to invite candidates without having to use the invitation module in your campaign. The candidate registers independently with the link provided.


Login to the Visiotalent platform

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Login link:
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To generate a public link

  1. Generate a link
    In the relevant campaign, click on the "Public Link" button to generate the latter


  2. Copy the link
    Copy the public link that will allow you to invite candidates without having to enter their information


  3. Share the link
    Sharing the public link on different channels such as emails or your job offers allows to register on the campaign independently (no need to invite candidates)


On the candidate side

Once the candidate has clicked on the link, he/she will have to provide the following information in order to be able to take the video interview.




To find information about a public candidate

When a new candidate appears:

  1.  Click on his profile to go to his page


  2. Find all its information below the video


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