How to create a Support ticket?

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If you have a question, problem or suggestion for improvement, you can contact our support team using the "Support" widget (also available in Visiotalent) or directly via Submit a request.


From HelpCenter: 



From Visiotalent:



You will have the choice between few forms:

  • I have a question about a product (questions about the use of our platforms: Meteojob, Visiotalent, HRMatch, job fairs, career sites,...)
  • I need help with the platform (actions requested or questions about our platforms usage: Meteojob, Visiotalent, HRMatch, Career websites,...)
  • I want to contact you about a recruiter access (creating, modifying or deleting an access, issues related to users,...)

  • I have a problem with the platform (anything related to technical or broadcasting issues)

  • Other request (for product development requests, or any request that is not handled by the other forms)
  • Project phase (only if you are already communicating with our Project team)

Fill in the mandatory fields:


Once you have done this, you will receive an email confirmation of the creation of your support ticket. All you have to do is follow its status in the Help Center! 


Here a guidebook that tells you everything you need to know about the helpcenter: 2022 - Guidebook Customer Care CleverConnect - english version.pdf

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