How can I access all the applications received for my jobs?

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Once you have logged into your recruiter account, you have two options for finding all the applications received for your jobs: 


  • From "My applications"

Once you have access to the platform, you can access all your applications in "My offers" then "My applications" in the top left corner of your recruiter space:



In the screenshot used as an exemple, you will find the number of applications done from Meteojob, each associated with the candidate profile and the offer concerned:



You can click on the candidate's profile to access all their information, including their CV and cover letter, or click directly on the grey icons on the right to view and download the candidate's CV.

You can also contact candidates directly from the platform:



  • From "All my offers"

You can go to "My offers" then "All my offers" at the top left of your space:



Once you access the page, you can select the published offers or the suspended offers. You can click on the "Applications" box which corresponds to the number of applications associated to the offer wanted:



You will get this page with the list of applications linked to the same offer :



You can then manage your applications in the same way as in the first part.

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