What are the statuses of the offers?

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Your offers are organised in 6 statuses which indicate their visibility on Meteojob and the possible reasons if an offer is not published.


Here are the statuses:

  • Online: Your offer is currently published on Meteojob
  • Pending: Your offer is valid but is not currently published on Meteojob and is therefore not visible.
    - If manual offer: did not request the publication action
    - If imported offer: all info, but no valid distribution products on the company or entity
  • In draft: An element necessary for the publication of your offer has not been correctly filled in (reference, title, description, type of contract, location, application URL/email). The offer is therefore not visible.
  • Suspended: The offer has been manually suspended and can be republished at any time.
  • Expired: These expired offers - offers that are automatically unpublished at the end of a defined period - can be extended.
  • Archived: These offers have expired. This is the last status before deletion after 2 years.


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