How do I customise my email templates?

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To modify the e-mail templates, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. move your mouse over the "Settings" menu at the top right of the page
  2. click on "My email templates".


In this new page, you will be able to add, modify or delete email templates. Here is what you will see when creating or editing an email template.


Important settings

In the Type d'email menu, you will be able to choose the category this email belongs to in order to find it easily when contacting an applicant. For example, here is a an email we would send to reject an application:


In the panel on the right of the text field, you can see a few variables you can use to easily integrate the applicant's name in the text of your email. You can add these variables by clicking on these tags.

Please note that if your account includes several entities, they all have access to the same templates and changes will affect all of them.

How to use an email template

When you wish to contact an applicant, you will be able to choose among the templates of your company, organized by types.


When a template is selected, all fields get filled: your email address, the mail object and its text.

In this way, you can quickly send emails and keep them tailored to the applicants by including their names and/or the title of the job in the text of your message.

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