How to keep track of my consumption?

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Several products that consum credits exist, the publication of offers, access to the CV library or HRMatch.


To access the consumption of these products, you have to:

  • Log in to your Meteojob account (login page)
  • Hover over the "My Account" button at the top right of your space
  • Click on "My Orders".


Once you are on the products page, you can check the list of products your company have.




Some categories are important : 

  • The expiration date to know if the product is still up to date:


  • The number of credits allows you to know how many you had at the beginning, and how many you have left:

Case 1 :   mceclip6.png                                        Case 2 :   mceclip7.png

In the 1st case, the company had 200 credits to use. It currently has 135 credits left, so it has already used 65.

In the 2nd case, no credits have been used.

  • Entities / users, allows you to know if a product is set for the whole company (empty) or if it was created for one or more specific entities:

mceclip8.png Dans cet exemple, le produit concerne certaines entités / filiales uniquement. 

  • Status: "Available" and "Unused" mean that the product is active. However, the product can also be "deleted" or "expired", in which case it is no longer usable.


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