How can I get more results in my CV database search?

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In order to increase the number of candidates present in your search results, we have several tips to give you:

  • Vary the keywords used in your search.



  • Use the suggestions proposed by Meteojob by clicking on "Advanced search".


  • Filter the candidates according to the date of last connection. Don't hesitate to widen your search by also checking off candidates who were connected to Meteojob less than 3, 6 months ago (...) who may also be available and looking.


  • Set the blue gauge linked to the salary to the maximum and tick "include candidates without a salary"


This is information initially requested by Meteojob when creating a profile. The candidate's salary can therefore simply be specified as an indication

💡 Use the filters following the "funnel" mode, i.e. filter little by little. Start with broad filters, and end with details. Using a large number of filters quickly can significantly reduce your search results.

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