How to invite candidates?

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In order for you to receive videos, it is important to invite your candidates to register.

There are 3 ways to invite candidates, here they are :

Invite candidates from Visiotalent immediately after creating my campaign

When creating a campaign, there are several steps to take before reaching the candidate invitation module
When the personalisation of the candidate experience is completed and the validation is done, click on "Invite candidates" at the bottom right of the screen.




Invitation via the "Classic" invitation mode

The classic invitation mode has the advantage of being quicker, but beware: it does not allow you to personalise the emails with the candidate's title, surname or first name.

Simply add the email addresses of your candidates separated by a space and click on "enter" or separate them with a comma to validate the entry. Each email must be individually circled in blue to be considered by our platform.



Invitation via the "Advanced" invitation mode

By choosing this invitation mode, the personalisation of the candidate experience will be even better.

This mode allows for the inclusion of personal information in the invitation email (title, surname, first name, telephone) and also allows for the reminder of candidates by SMS if the invitation email is not opened within 30 minutes of being sent.



In both cases, you can import a file to avoid manual entry.

  • Prepare your file to be imported by downloading the Excel file structure available from the "show help" button at the top right of your campaign or at the bottom of this article.

  • You can fill in only the "EMAIL" column, but be careful not to delete any column/header of the table. This will block the reading of your file by our platform.
  • Import the completed file by clicking on "import" and then selecting the correct document.

Invite candidates from Visiotalent to an existing campaign

  • Click on "my recruitments" or "my shared recruitments"


  • Click on the desired campaign

  • Click on "+ New candidate".


  • Then follow the invitation process "Advanced" or "Classic" depending on preference (see above)




Inviting candidates from an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Your Visiotalent account may be integrated with your ATS. You could then invite applicants to register directly from their application in the ATS.

Every ATS is different. Do not hesitate to ask your internal contact person for details.

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