How do I create a new email template?

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The creation of an email from the "Settings" space allows you to anticipate the writing of the latter but also to build a real library directly in the Visiotalent platform. The emails created can then be reused in a few clicks on campaigns.


To create your email library

  1. Click on "Settings".
  2. Click on "My e-mail templates".
  3. Click on "Create email" and fill in the fields.



It is necessary to complete all the fields present:

  • Name of the email type: Visible only from your Visiotalent space.
  •  Trigger: Select the type of email. The choice of the trigger allows you to make it visible in the right place in your Visiotalent space.
  • Email subject: Subject visible to the candidate
  • Attributes*: The attributes are to be used in the same way as for a mailing. Place the cursor at the desired location and click on the attribute.

*The attributes only work when using the advanced invitation mode.


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