How to associate an email with a campaign?

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When a campaign is created, it is automatically associated with a default email available on your platform.

This email is identical for all new users. We advise you to adapt this email so that it corresponds as well as possible to the DNA of your company and to the recruitment process that you apply.


When my campaign already exists

1. Click on "my campaigns".
2. Hover over the campaign.
3. Click on the "..." to the right of the line
4. Click on "edit".
5. In the "SETTINGS" area, click on the blue pencil next to the "Invitation email" area
6. Select an email from your library or write a new email and save the changes


When creating the campaign

Once the questions and parameters are defined, you must :

1. Click on "next" to access the "Customise" area of the campaign

2. Select an existing email from the library by clicking on the drop down list OR write a new email by hovering over the email on the right hand side of the screen.


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