How to create a campaign?

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A campaign contains one or more questionnaires.

A questionnaire contains the questions you want to ask your candidates.

The campaign will allow you to set up the details that revolve around your questions on the candidate's side (response time, invitation email sent, number of attempts granted, etc.).


Once connected to Visiotalent, here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on "New campaign" in the menu on the left.


  • Create at least one video questionnaire or select an existing questionnaire from the drop-down list. (read: "How to create/modify a questionnaire?")



  • Choose the language of your campaign (the language selected should be the same as the one(s) set up on the questionnaire(s)). 

  • Name the campaign - the "Job Title" is visible to the candidate and will be used in different places during their Visiotalent experience (emails, first page of the registration). The "Campaign Title" is not visible to the candidate, only to the recruiter.

         💡 Copy/Paste the title of the job requisition to provide a consistent candidate's experience.

         💡 If you are using references (e.g. in your ATS), it is possible to add it here without impacting the
             candidate's experience.


  • Set the response time


    Drag right or left to set the number of days candidates have to respond to the
  • Request additional documents (optional). To request documents from applicants, click on "Advanced options" and then select the title from the drop-down list or write the title of the document. Press "enter" on the keyboard to validate.


  • Select the invitation email. Select a previously written personalized email or modify the template email by clicking on the green pencil over the email.


  • Add a welcome and thank you video


    Select a video :

      - from the Visiotalent media library that you (or a member of your team) have uploaded,

      - from your computer

      - from a live recording with your webcam

  • Share the campaign with your colleagues who also have Visiotalent access. Like this they will be able to watch the candidates' videos independently.


Your campaign is ready, all you have to do is invite your candidates.


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