How to create/modify a questionnaire?

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A campaign contains at least 1 video questionnaire and can be supplemented with 1 or more written questionnaires.

  • Video questionnaire  = Series of questions for which you expect a video response from the          candidates.
  • Written questionnaire = Series of questions for which you expect a written answer from the            candidates.



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How to create a campaign from scratch:

  1. Click on "New recruitment". ("How to create a campaign")

  2. Click on "Create new video questionnaire".

  3. Choose the type of questionnaire (video or written) and name it.

  4. You can write your questions and add an infinite number. However, it is recommanded to not put more than 5questions for a good candidate experience. To help you, you have a question generator by professions and assessment criteria. (only on video questionnaires). The generated questions can then be modified once you selected them.

  5. Customise the parameters around the questions (preparation time, response time, addition of media, etc.)

  6. Change the order of the questions using the arrows to the right of each question.


  7. Save the questionnaire.

Once these steps have been completed, simply follow the instructions and continue setting up your campaign.



How to update an existing questionnaire:

In your settings, you can build a library of questionnaires. Once created, they can be implemented with 1 click when creating a campaign.

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đź’ˇ A questionnaire can be used on several campaigns.

đź’ˇ The modification of a questionnaire applies to all the campaigns on which it is used.




Access the editing area: find the questionnaire you want to edit using the search bar or the "My questionnaires" list below:



Cliquez sur le crayon bleu présent au survol de l’élément à modifier :




Pour sauvegarder vos modifications, n’oubliez pas de cliquer sur « suivant » puis
« sauvegarder ».



How to create a questionnaire from the parameters : 

It is also possible from this space to :

  1. Share this questionnaire with one of your colleagues who has a Visiotalent account
  2. Duplicate a questionnaire
  3. Delete a questionnaire

Note: each element of a questionnaire can be modified.



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