Point Restrictions (Gamification)

Oleg Petrov
Oleg Petrov
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The new feature of the "Unique Referral-Referee" limits the points employees can receive from applications. If the employees tend to send vacancies to the same friend over and over again, it can makes sense to limit the points they receive for applications from the same person. 


This is how it works: 

If you have an integration, the feature will check if the ID of the candidate already showed up before in the system. If it matches to the same referee ID, then the referee is not eligible to receive any points from this particular application anymore. Which in retrospect means, once the employee has generated an application from a candidate, they will in future not receive any points for this candidate. A new application will be created and send to the ATS, but no additional points will be added. 


How do you activate this? 

Sadly, this needs to be activated on our end. So please get in touch with your CSM or with our colleagues from the support team. 



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