How can I activate automatic emails when a candidate applies for a job?

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When you're faced with a large number of applications following the publication of a job vacancy, it becomes essential to adopt effective methods for managing this flow of information. This is where the use of automated e-mails comes in. By automating part of the recruitment process, you save precious time while maintaining professional, consistent communication with applicants.

Why set up automated e-mails when a candidate applies?

When a candidate applies for a job, it's essential to provide immediate confirmation of receipt. An automated e-mail allows you to send a reply quickly, reassuring the candidate that his or her application has been received.

Automated e-mails also enable you to convey a professional, well-organized image. By using carefully drafted e-mail templates, you can provide candidates with clear and precise information about the recruitment process, reinforcing the company's image as a serious and attentive employer.

📝How do I access the automated mail template?

To access the automated e-mail template you need to log in to your Meteojob webadmin. Once logged in, go to the "Settings" tab in the "My e-mail templates" category.

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⚙️How do I create a mail template?

Then simply click on "Add a template" to create your e-mail template. The page structure is pre-built, so all you have to do is fill in the following categories:

- Template name

- Email type :  : Confirmation de candidature - Contact CVthèque - Refus suite à poste clos - Refus sur candidature - Réponse à candidature - Réponse à candidature spontanée 

- Sender email

-  Message content

🤝 Once you have filled in the necessary information, click on "Save".

Please note: Once you have saved the e-mail template, candidates will automatically receive an e-mail from the company after they have applied.

Once saved, you can "modify" or "delete" the automated e-mail template.

  • To modifyit, click on the "pencil" in the "Action" category.

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  • To delete it, simply click on the "trash" button in the "Action" category.

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