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In order to keep an eye on the performance of your recommendation platform, we provide standard reports and dashboards that can be used to embed your personal selection into the recruiter view of the platform.

You are provided with a standard reporting package that is free of charge and can be embedded into the platform by submitting a request to the support team. These standard reports and dashboards provide you with a basic overview of the platform's performance. All reports and dashboards on this page are included in your reporting package.

For specific changes to the existing reports/dashboards, or if you need customized reports, a fee of 1200€ per report will be charged for these customizations. In that case, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager to make the request.

ℹ️ To access the reports/dashboards, you will need a unique access code. A unique access code should be available in your Onboarding Space or can be provided by your Customer Success Manager.


General platform overview

Name Content Comment
ERP Customer Dashboard Registration rate, user activity rate, share rate, click rate, application rate, hiring rate Optional: location / company filter
Stories Dashboard Employee views, shares, clicks, performance per story Optional: location / company filter
All active jobs Number of all active jobs End-date filter
Jobs with ATS ID Search ATS ID, job title, company of the job, status, publication date. Integration necessary
All active jobs inkl. ATS ID

ATS ID, job title, company of the job, location, status, publication date, contact person, reward amount

ATS ID filter
Application Export All the information that are also available in the recruiter-view export Filter: Hire Date, Job Location/Company
Invitation/Registration export See the dates when the employee was invited + the date the registration was completed Date

Employee engagement

Name Content Comment
Active User in x Days Number of active users, company & division affiliation, Entry of how many days you want to count back
Registration for Job-Newsletter User data, logged out / logged in status  
Activities of Users

User data, no. of shares, clicks and applications

Filter options: Company, area, location, date and input search for location, area or company.
User Activity Company, location, business, total shares, story shares, job shares, clicks, share channel, applications, hires Anonymous and share-channel based
Staff Number export Lastname, Staff ID Lastname-search
Shares, Clicks and Settings Count

Email, Share creation date, Number of shares, Clicks, Applications, Settings, Area, Staff ID, First & last name, Location

User-based, Date-filter
User Login Activity Role, registration date, last login, last activity, department, staff ID, location, first name, last name, email address. User-based



Name Content Comment
Performance per Job

Company, ATS Job ID, Job Title, Job Status, Share Channel, Shares, Clicks, Applications, Hires.

Job title search, date filter for job creation
Performance per Story 

Story ID, Title, Story Status, Share Channel, Shares, Clicks, Applications

Jobs with Hires

Application date, Hire date, Job title, Recommender company, Recommender location, Job company, Premium amount, Premium type.

All Jobs + Generated Applications Job title, job company, location & area, creation date, job status, ATS ID, clicks, shares, applications, award amount. Filters: Job Title, Company, Location, Area & Status
Hires Overview Applicant data, recommender email, reward level, company, department, application date, status change date. Date filter: setting date


Name Content Comment
Gamification Master-List User activity and associated gamification points received. User-based
Total points vs approved points User overview, total points, points already approved for rewards  
User Reward Overview User overview, requested rewards (name + date), status of request  
Leaderboard Export  User overview, current score, total score  
Point distribution by company/location and department Current score, total score Location-filter, Date-filter
Target rewards of the users incl. score User overview, Selected reward, required points, current points  
Points per User Email, share count, click count, current points, total points


User Activity export (Externer Share fehlt) User email address, number of shares, clicks & applications


Approved Rewards User overview, approved reward name, date of approval.


Chosen target reward per User User overview, Staff ID, name of the reward



Internal Mobility

Name Content Comment
Internal Mobility Dashboard Dashboard

API Key based, Date-filter

Company-Based Internal Mobility Dashboard Dashboard  Based on company code



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