2023.05 - Product release

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Find out what our team has been up to over the past month. To find out more about the new features, click on the respective links.


Improvements to Smart Carreer Websites (SCW) and job boards

Improvements to Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) and Employee Referral Program (ERP)

Improvements to the video interviewing platform (ex-Visiotalent)


Improvements to Smart Carreer Websites (SCW) and job boards

New entities management

What's new?

New approach to navigating and searching for entities:

  • Navigation within the tree structure by discoverability
  • Entity search with flat results (children and parents).

How does it add value?

This new approach makes it possible to better support clients with a large number of entities.

Where can I find this functionality?

Available now in all Smart Carreer Websites and job boards



Improvements to candidate relationship management and employee referral program

ERP - Internal mobility emails

What's new?

For internal-mobility-only clients, 

  1. Remove referral mentions from the following emails :
  • Invitation emails
  • Registration emails
  • Newsletters
  1. Stop sending these emails:
  • Encourage employees to share jobs and stories
  • Inform employee about an application via his/her shared link

How does it add value?

This is more adapted for our internal-mobility-only clients and avoid unecessary contacts

Where can I find this functionality?

In the Internal mobility only module in the admin panel (if available)

How does it work?

Choose the internal mobility only module, and emails mentioning referrals are changed to emails mentioning internal mobility


CRM - Slovak language Flag: Slovakia on Twitter

What is new?

Slovak language added based on your requests

How does it add value?

It increases the international reach for our clients

Where can I find this feature?

In the admin panel, where you choose the languages (available for all customers)



Improvements to video interviews


Navigation improvements

What's new?

To continue to improve the navigation on Visiotalent, we added in the header the possibility to log out.

How does it add value?

Since the implementation of the navigation bar, all users continued to go on a different page to enable them to log out out. They can now do it on each page.

Where can I find this functionality?

On the following pages: campaign creation , recruiter settings and administration pages

How does it work?
Click on you name in the header and you have the possibility to check cookie settings and log out.



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