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Oleg Petrov
Oleg Petrov
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During the registration process some users experience difficulties. This article shall revisit some of the most common difficulties and provide answers. 


1. The password 

First you need to create a safe password that has at least 8 signs. 


2. The pop-up window

After the creation of the password, you will have to prove that you are not a robot. 

The window doesn't appear?

These are the steps you can take:

1. Clear your cache, sometimes there are hidden cookies that won't allow you to open specific pop-up windows;

2. On the topic of pop-up windows, check your browser-settings and permissions. Many people block pop-up windows, through certain setting choices;

3. Ask your internal IT-department whether they have decided on security measures that might block a pop-up window;

4. If neither of those resolved the issue, please contact:

3. E-Mail / Staff Number

One of the problems is that our system cannot find your E-Mail or Staff Number. In this case please double check for:

  • Capital letters
  • Wrong numbers
  • The right domain 
  • If there are any unnecessary "spaces" after the number/E-Mail

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