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In this article you will find all the information about the settings surrounding the Users from the employee-view. 


If you want to change settings in your account, you have to press on the arrow that is pointing to the bottom and then press "My account".   Screenshot_2023-05-05_at_10.38.36.png

There you will have some settings that are adjustable. 

  1. You can change your Name (First & Last Name)
  2. If you switch a department, you can also change it to your new department. 
  3. If you move to another city or work from another city, you can also adjust it accordingly. 
  4. If you want to use the system in a different language (it will also effect the language of your newsletters). 
  5. You can also change your profile picture - if you don't want to have a picture anymore you can also delete it. 
Under the Maintain interests field, you can input the locations and departments of your interest. After doing so, all the jobs regarding these departments / locations will be shown in your feed.  Screenshot_2023-05-05_at_10.41.45.png
In the last segment of your personal settings, you can change your password or you can change the E-Mail settings. Also if you are not going to user the platform anymore or are leaving the company, you can just hit the "Delete" button.  Screenshot_2023-05-05_at_10.41.56.png
Under the E-Mail settings, you can check which E-Mails you receive. If you wish to receive E-Mails make sure to hit the blue check button and press finish. If you are not interested in the E-Mails anymore press the blue check button again to stop receiving E-Mails and Newsletters. Don't forget to press the Finish button.  Screenshot_2023-05-05_at_10.51.25.png


PS: If you need to change your E-Mail address, please contact the Talentry Support Team❗️

Do not create a new account with your new E-Mail address ❌❌

Only if you wish want to dismiss your old account.

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