2023.04 - Product release

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Find out what our team has been up to over the past month. To find out more about the new features, click on the respective links.


Improvements to Candidate Relationship Management and Employee Referral Program (ex-Talentry)

Improvements to the deferred video interviewing platform (ex-Visiotalent)


Improvements to candidate relationship management and employee referral program

ERP - Validate existing referrals

What's new?

When referring talents you can now see if they are already registered on the system, meaning that they have been referred by another person via the General referral system

How does it add value?

Employees will know if the same person has been previously referred via the General referral system and that reward limitations could apply

Where can I find this functionality?

Employee app > General referral screen

How does it work?

The validation is displayed only if the email already exists




CRM - Automations: Time-based & recurring triggers

What is new?

You are now able to create one-off or recurring triggers based on standard or custom date fields

How does it add value?

It allows you to automate communication and talent actions based on time-based events such as probation periods, internship end, birthdays, etc.

Where can I find this feature?

Automation > Manage rules > Create rule

How does it work?

  1. Select the “Date field” trigger
  2. Select if it's a recurring event or not
  3. Select an existing date field as a trigger
  4. Apply Filters (optional)
  5. Add required Action


Improvements to video interviews


New navigation bar

What's new?

To easily navigate in the Video Interview tools , we add a new navigation bar on all pages.

How does it add value?

Before some pages didn’t have any navigation bar: in order to navigate through pages, you had to leave the page you were in then be redirected to the dashboard and then go back on the administration page.

Where can I find this functionality?

On the following pages: campaign creation , recruiter settings and administration pages

How does it work?
Once you will go on these pages, you will see the navigation bar and just have to click to be redirected.

This feature has to be activated on demand for now, but will be soon available for everyone. 



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