Licencias VT: roles, permisos y gestión en Visolalent (reclutador, colaborador, evaluador, administrador y superadmin)

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Each time we add a new user, we need to define on the user creation form their role, which are three: Recruiter, Collaborator and Assessor. This step is mandatory and will allow the user to perform certain actions or restrict them if necessary.


Below you will find the meaning of each of them:

  • Recruiter: Create the campaigns, invite the candidates and evaluate them.
  • Collaborator: Invites candidates and evaluates them.
  • Evaluator: Evaluates candidates only.

If you want to go further in the permissions and manage your company's users in a more detailed and global way, we have to refer to the Admin and Super Admin statuses, which can be configured from the company's account.


Please note that any user can have any of the mentioned statuses, but for that, the user must be created first.


Below are the differences between each of them:


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