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Oleg Petrov
Oleg Petrov
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In this article you will find out how to search for Open Positions in the Open Positions category. 

You can search for specific requirements inside of vacancy. For example, you can select a text that is inside a job offer. If you want to share a job to your network for with a specific requirement you can just search for that requirement in the search bar and all the jobs will appear.

For example: we take a job where the requirement is that the candidate is Mid-Senior Level. You can write into the search bar: "Mid-Senior Level" and all the jobs that have this requirement in their description will appear. 


In this example, there is only one job, that has "Mid-Senior Level" as their requirement. Therefore, only this job will appear. If there are multiple jobs that have written "Mid-Senior Level" in their description all of the jobs would be listed below.



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