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In this article you will find all the information on what candidate pools are, what functions there are and what they are there for. 

1. Explanation of pools 

2. Creating a pool

3. Pool views and searches

4. Pining a pool 

5. Pool filters


1. Explanation of pools 

Candidate pools are there to make filtering easier. There are multiple use cases for pools. For example you are at a live event and have a QR code of people who are interested in working for you, you can create one pool for every candidate who attend the event. 

If you are looking for candidates with specific qualifications or skills, you can also create a pool where you can put all the candidates that fit this specific category. 



2. Creating a pool 

After pressing the "Create talent pool"-button on the top right corner, you will be able to access the creation mode of pools. Further below, each field will be explained in greater detail. 



The first step is to create a name, which is mandatory field. Screenshot_2023-04-13_at_15.13.53.png
Afterwards, you can if you want to write a description for your pool. It is recommended, so your co-workers will know what this pool is for and won't create a second pool who serves the same purpose.  Screenshot_2023-04-13_at_15.13.58.png
If you want to have a pool for a specific job, you are able to create linkage to said job with this button. After hitting this button, you will able to select the specific job. If you want to learn more about this topic, please read our article that is dedicated to this feature. Screenshot_2023-04-13_at_15.14.07.png
Here you can select a color to make sorting easier. This is mandatory field.  Screenshot_2023-04-13_at_15.14.11.png
The last step before creating a pool, you can decide which of your coworkers are allowed to work with you on one pool. You can either select the people or you can press the "Share with everyone" button. 



3. Pool views and searches 

There are two different types of views when it comes to pools. To change the view, hit the button left to the search bar. The two different views don't have view-specific features, they are simply a created for users with different preferences.

Screenshot_2023-04-13_at_15.18.39.png Screenshot_2023-04-13_at_15.18.48.png

If you are looking for a specific pool, you can simply write the name of your pool into the search bar and it will. Screenshot_2023-04-13_at_15.19.02.png


4. Pining a pool 

If you have a pool that you want to always appear on top, you can press the 3 dots and then add a pin to a pool. After you do this, the selected pool(s) will always appear above the others in a newly created section of the pool-view, that is called "Pinned pools". If you want to learn more about this feature, you can read our article regarding pool pins. 



5. Pool filters 

If you have many pools and want to filter the pools by relevant information, you can use the "Add filter"-function. 

Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_13.13.37.pngThere are multiple filters that you can apply. For example, you can select "my pools" and every pool that was created by you, will show up. This makes the searching more sufficient and you won't have to scroll and select the pools that you want to use, but can filter them instead. 

Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_13.12.59.pngIf you want to find out more about this feature, you can read our article that was dedicated for filters. 

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